MAXFIT Athletica Ultimate Barbell Squat Pad

MAXFIT Athletica Ultimate Barbell Squat Pad for Intense Workout Foam Sponge Neck Pads Weight Lifting Hip Thrusts & Squats - Olympic Bar Shoulder Cushion with Straps for Pain Relief & Comfort

Product features

  • FREE ONE WEEK SHIPPING:   Package will be delivered to you in  five  business days after it's shipped. It will take up to one week from the time of order to receive the package.
  • UNLEASH YOUR INNER WEIGHTLIFTING BEAST: It's time to say goodbye to neck pain once and for all with the MAXFIT Athletica premium squat bar neck pad, which is here to help intensify your squat, hip thrust or weight lifting workouts.
  • PREVENT INJURIES & DISCOMFORT: Relieve pressure to your neck, shoulders, back and hip with our ergonomic foam safety squat bar pad. Prevent bruising and get comfortable much faster with our non-slip lifting pad.
  • ZERO PAIN, MAXIMUM GAIN: Ideal for both men and women, our gym Olympic bar pad for squats will not only protect your neck but also help you enhance your performance - especially during barbell walking lunges and hip thrusts.
  • FINALLY, A SQUAT PAD THAT WILL LAST: Unlike all those cheaply-made bar pads for hip thrusts that fall apart after a few workouts, our premium squat shoulder pad is made from high-quality foam sponge that will pass the test of time.
  • GET YOUR BARBELL NECK PAD 100% RISK-FREE: Try our neck cushion for barbell pads for 30 days absolutely risk-free. If you are not 100% thrilled with its comfy design and performance, we will offer you a full refund!


Product description

  Here’s How You Can Turbocharge Your Performance Without Risking Any Injuries:

Looking for a heavy-duty and ergonomically designed Olympic bar pad?

Need a barbell squat pad for your weightlifting workouts?

Want to prevent injuries and eliminate neck pain?

Introducing The Ultimate Barbell Squat Pad For Athletes By MAXFIT Athletica!

Have you ever seen personal trainers and professional athletes using squat shoulder pads? That’s because they know how to properly squat and lift weights without applying pressure on their necks and shoulders.

Why Choose Our Barbell Squat Cushion?

BECAUSE YOU WANT TO LIFT MORE: skyrocket your performance with our soft and nonslip, matter barbell sleeve, which is designed to provide neck and shoulder support while you shatter your personal records.

BECAUSE YOU WANT TO PREVENT NASTY INJURIES: the high-density foam will absorb shocks from the weight bar, thus protecting your spine and muscles. Plus, the secure straps will keep the non-slip lifting bar pad in place.

BECAUSE YOU WANT A BIGGER BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: stop wasting your hard-earned money on cheaply-made weight bar foam pads. Invest in the MAXFIT Athletica neck protector for barbell, which is designed to endure any abuse.

Need More Reasons?

  • Perfect For All Standard Olympic Sized Barbells
  • BONUS 2 x Safety Straps With Secure Metal Rings
  • Ergonomic Neck Groove For Extra Comfort
  • Available In Black & Pink
  • Easy To Clean Sweat-Resistant Material
  • Peace Of Mind 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    What You Get:

    1 x Premium Hip Thrust Pad For Weight Bar

    2 x Secure Straps For Gym Barbell Pad

    Click "Add To Cart" NOW & Get Your Squat Shoulder Pad With ZERO Risk!